“War Up Close” Exhibition at the Arlington Library

On December 13, the “War Up Close” team held another immersive exhibition as part of their American tour. This time, Yulia Matiash, Oleksiy Syvak, and Winnie Huang presented the project at the Arlington Library.

Arlington is a sister city of Ivano-Frankivsk, and in honor of this, the library even has a sculpture in the form of a tree.

During the event, we had the opportunity to use VR technologies, panoramic photos, and videos to show residents of all ages and social categories the crimes that Russia is committing against Ukrainian cities. Destroying civilian infrastructure, cultural landmarks, homes, and the lives of millions of people.

We emphasized that Americans, whether Republicans or Democrats, unanimously agree that assistance to Ukraine aligns with U.S. national interests.

“We spoke with a Vietnam War veteran who inquired about how Ukrainian military personnel fight and how involved the civilian population is; with an experienced engineer about survival conditions in cities without electricity, heat, water, internet, and mobile communication; with young parents about children abducted from Ukraine and families shattered by war; with representatives of the association of sister cities Arlington – Ivano-Frankivsk. And we know that the American people stand together with the Ukrainian people. Now it’s time for U.S. lawmakers to speak”, commented Oleksiy Syvak.

Special thanks for supporting the project go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, and the National Museum of Ukrainian History.