Created VR War Memory Museum of Kyiv Region

The “War Up Close” team, in collaboration with the Kyiv Regional State Administration, has launched a VR War Memory Museum that documents and showcases the consequences of the Russian invasion. Let’s take a closer look at how it was accomplished.

Key Stages of Creation

The virtual war museum was realized in collaboration with the volunteer project “War Up Close” and aims to convey the horrifying reality of Kyiv and the surrounding region to the civilized world. The team worked on the creation of the VR museum in several stages:

  1. Developed a detailed project concept, encompassing its overall idea and plan.
  2. Obtained permits for shooting from relevant government authorities and services.
  3. Conducted risky filming, as obtaining detailed footage often required being near destroyed or hazardous objects.
  4. Developed the design and programming of the VR museum section.
  5. Created Google Street View tours and integrated them into Google Maps.
  6. Promoted the museum through the media.

As a result, the VR War Memory Museum project gained significant traction and attention. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Herashchenko, wrote about its creation on his Twitter page, and various information agencies and media outlets covered it, including:

Thanks to the virtual war memory museum, the entire world and future generations will see the price of the struggle for independence and freedom. We will never forget the devastation and horrors brought upon our country by Russia.

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As a reminder, Travel RBK-Ukraine also conducted an interview with project coordinator Dmytro Matyash about “War Up Close,” and you can read more about the project here.