Immersive Exhibition “War Up Close” at a Major Anti-Corruption Conference in Lithuania

On June 18, the virtual museum “War Up Close” was presented at the 21st International Anti-Corruption Conference in Vilnius.

During the opening of the exhibition, speeches were given by Rueben Lifuka, Chair of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council and Vice-President of Transparency International, and Oleksiy Syvak, a representative of the project.

“We are presenting the virtual museum ‘War Up Close’ to the conference participants in an updated format with new content. Understanding that the current war of Russia against Ukraine is not only on the front line, not only on the streets of our destroyed cities, it is a war that the terrorist state is waging against the fundamental principles of democracy and international law. Therefore, today more than ever, we must be united to restore security and respect for the rule of international law in our common European home,” urged Oleksiy.

With the help of Oculus headsets with panoramic videos and cardboard viewers, guests from over 30 countries saw firsthand the destruction caused by the full-scale Russian invasion — cities turned into ruins and streets deprived of life.

The conference in Vilnius is the largest and most influential anti-corruption forum in the world, bringing together heads of state and government, civil society, and business representatives.

Over the course of four days, the “War Up Close” exhibition was visited by hundreds of attendees from 30 countries, including Deputy Ambassador of Ukraine to Lithuania Viktor Hamotskyi, Daniel Eriksson, Executive Director of Transparency International, and Francois Valerian, Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International.

We thank “Transparency International” Lietuvos skyrius for organizing and inviting us.

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