For the first time, “War Up Close” with an exhibition in Australia

The “War Up Close” team is expanding the geography of exhibitions to a new continent. On November 27, our tour of Australian cities began, where we continue to present a virtual war museum in Ukraine and show the world the crimes that Russians are committing on our land.

The first event took place at the Australian National University in Canberra.

The project presentation featured the Ambassador of Ukraine, Vasil Miroshnychenko, and the organizers: Yulia Matiash and Oleksiy Syvak.

At the exhibition, visitors, using cardboard VR goggles, could watch videos of destroyed civil and cultural objects in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhia, and immerse themselves in the grim realities of the war in Ukraine. On another stand, we presented artifacts from the Russian army: personal belongings of soldiers and the weapons they use to destroy Ukrainians. Guests could also leave messages and words of support for Ukrainians.

“Once again, we talked about why Russians have been causing destruction and death in Ukraine for many years. Do occupiers need new territories, or do they need the infrastructure and wealth of Ukrainian land? Yes, but most importantly, they want fewer Ukrainians, less Ukrainian culture, language, identity, people, or preferably none at all. That’s why they ruthlessly destroy museums and monuments of history and culture, why they shot the head of the Shevchenko monument in Borodyanka twice, why they first seek out and execute Ukrainian patriots, teachers of the Ukrainian language, and anyone who opposes Russia’s right to aggression on the occupied territories.

We say that this is a threat not only to Ukrainians but to the entire democratic world. And we understand that our common task is to preserve Ukraine as a symbol of our shared right to freedom”, commented Oleksiy Syvak.

We were pleased to welcome everyone who came to support Ukrainians, including honorary guests: Ambassadors of Sweden, Argentina, Cyprus, Serbia, and the Deputy Ambassador of Norway (who until recently was the Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine).

Thanks for the support in organizing the Centre for European Studies ANU, the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations, and the Embassy of Ukraine in Australia. Ahead are two more exhibitions in Australia: at the Parliament building and the University of Sydney.

It is worth noting that last week, the “War Up Close” team held a three-day exhibition in the French city of Rennes.