For the first time, “War Up Close” with an immersive exhibition in Southeast Asia

On September 21st, Jakarta hosted the inaugural exhibition of the virtual museum “War Up Close” in Southeast Asia. This event was held at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Indonesia and signifies the commencement of a series of forthcoming exhibitions planned for other countries in the region with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

Utilizing 360° panoramic photographs, drone videos, and intricate 3D models that could be meticulously examined through virtual reality glasses, we presented concrete evidence of Russia’s transgressions in 16 distinct locations across 5 regions of Ukraine to our Indonesian guests. Despite being thousands of kilometers away from Ukraine, the visitors were profoundly moved by what they encountered. As Oleksiy Syvak, a member of the “War Up Close” team who presented the project in Jakarta, noted, our nations share a genuine kinship in the pursuit of freedom.

Vasyl Hamyanin, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Indonesia, also addressed the exhibition’s opening:

“While you can encounter photographs of devastated Ukrainian cities in books, photo albums, or other sources, it’s an entirely distinct experience—one that instills a sense of presence. You won’t physically feel as though you are amidst a destroyed church or a bombed library. Thanks to the modern technologies employed by the ‘War Up Close’ team, this has become possible”.

Our exhibition has already garnered attention from various local media outlets, including RMOL.ID, Kumparan News, Liputan 6, Harian Bogor Raya, and was featured on TVRI World.

Previously, we conducted similar exhibitions in Europe, the United States, and the UAE.