The War They Don’t Show on TV – THE WAR UP CLOSE VR Exhibition in Warsaw

The War Up Close Global Tour goes on. On March 2, our team including Dmytro Matiash, Pavlo Leshchenko, Mykola Omelchenko and Oleksii Syvak held a project presentation and immersive exhibition in Warsaw.

The event took place at the Palace of Culture and Science in the centre of the capital city. Around 400 people from many European countries, China, and Cuba came to see the horrible consequences of Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian cities. Representatives of Google and Ukrainian Embassy in Poland were among the guests.

Warsaw has been a special location, since Poland hosts the largest number of Ukrainians seeking refuge from the war. Local residents have been told many times firsthand about the horrors Russia had brought to our land. Bloody crimes that deprived our people of their homes and their loved ones’ lives. Thanks to our project, local residents and visitors to the capital city had an opportunity not just to hear, but to see that through VR glasses. The visitors were shocked by documentary videos of destructions in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions. Many said that the TV did not show the whole truth about the war and devastation it caused. They thanked us for bringing it to the world.

One of the visitors even said, “I had no idea the war is so close.”

We are grateful for the support to our partners: USAID, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, United Help Ukraine, CFC Big Ideas, and Funberry. Together, we have already held immersive exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, and Washington. Moving ahead to Brussels on March 11.