The “War Up Close” presented a VR exhibition in the USA ahead of the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion

On the eve of the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory, the “War Up Close” team presented immersive exhibitions in the UAE, China, as well as several cities in the United States.

On February 22, with the support of Swem Library, STLI, REES Program of William & Mary, we held a two-day exhibition at the William & Mary library in Williamsburg, Virginia. The event was attended by approximately 300 guests, mostly students and professors. Everyone was actively engaged, interested in the topic, and asking questions. For some students, the exhibition became part of assignments within their courses. Now they are to describe their thoughts and observations in reports.

“We are sincerely delighted with the interest and great feedback we received from the guests. Several student newspapers interviewed us for upcoming issues. All of this motivates us to continue reminding the world that the war in Ukraine continues and to show the crimes of Russians on our lands as realistically as possible”, commented project participants.

The “War Up Close” team expresses gratitude to professors, staff, and student volunteers who helped organize and conduct the exhibition: Lisa Nickel, Mike Blum, Bella Ginzbursky-Blum, Izabella Martinez, Julia Northworthy-Edghill, Alexander Prokhorov, Sarah Belmont, Tami Back, Vivian Hoang, and George Barros.

Last year, for the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the first world tour of “War Up Close” was organized with exhibitions in 5 cities worldwide.