“War Up Close”: VR War Memory Museum Conducts 3D Tours of Chernihiv Region

The “War Up Close” project team, in collaboration with the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, has launched the VR War Memory Museum.

The virtual museum aims to document the horrifying consequences of the Russian invasion and showcase the destruction endured by Chernihiv region to the entire civilized world.

Through 3D tours, the War Memory Museum allows visitors to experience the harsh reality and witness the current state of museums, schools, libraries, temples, and buildings in Chernihiv and the surrounding area. Among the locations featured are the ruined building of the Chernihiv City Council, Hotel “Ukraine,” the ancient arbor on Boldin Hills, the Tarnovsky Museum, the Galagan Museum, and more.

The project development took place in several stages:

  1. Detailed project concept was devised, encompassing its overall idea and plan.
  2. Permits for shooting were obtained from relevant government authorities and services.
  3. Risky filming near destroyed or hazardous objects was carried out to obtain detailed footage.
  4. Design and programming of the VR museum section were developed.
  5. Google Street View tours were created and integrated into Google Maps.
  6. Information about the museum was disseminated through media channels.

The VR War Memory Museum will preserve evidence of devastation and sorrow brought to our land by Russia for future generations and the world to witness. It will remind us of the bravery of our soldiers, whose efforts ensure that Ukraine remains a free and independent nation.