Presentation of the VR museum “War Up Close” for the parishioners of the Ukrainian church of the Holy Family in Washington

The “War Up Close” team continues its tour with immersive exhibitions across American cities, and this Sunday, Yulia Matiash and Oleksiy Syvak presented the project for the first time within the walls of the Ukrainian Catholic shrine – the Church of the Holy Family in Washington (The Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family).

For over 70 years, the church has united Ukrainian believers even far from their homeland, and after the start of the war, it actively participates in fundraising to support Ukraine.

“In general, our tour is for Americans, but today we showed it to the Holy Family Church community, most of whom are Ukrainians. For those who feel disconnected from events in their homeland, it’s a good reason to remind themselves of what is happening on the native land. And seeing what Ukrainians are going through can inspire more activity and initiative”, – commented Yulia Matiash.

Recall that earlier last week, the “War Up Close” team visited with exhibitions Old Dominion University in Virginia, the U.S. Congress, and the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.