“War Up Close” Launches Tour in the United States

On December 4, the first event of the American tour “War Up Close” took place. The project was presented by the team: Yulia Matyash and Oleksiy Sivak, along with Winnie Huang – coordinator and founder of the Create and Impact Charitable Foundation, which organizes and oversees the December “War Up Close” tour in American cities.

The team held several meetings at the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey) with:

  • Dr. Mowafig W. Alanazi – Deputy Director for International Graduate Programs at the Naval Postgraduate School
  • Erin Ferguson – Coordinator of International Graduate Programs at the Naval Postgraduate School
  • Sue Moore – Manager of the Alumni and Foundation Association at the Naval Postgraduate School.

We shared information about the project and its participants, how it originated, the conditions under which it was created, and the cities where immersive exhibitions have already taken place. Using 3D tours, we showcased the scale of Russian crimes in Ukraine and left a cardboard “War Up Close” for the university as a gift so that even more people could see what war truly means for millions of Ukrainians.

“We were truly moved by the empathy expressed by Americans regarding what our nation is currently going through. Representatives of the Naval Postgraduate School spoke positively about our project and acknowledged the significant contribution of ‘War Up Close’ in conveying the truth to people. Even on a different continent, society must understand who and what Ukrainians are fighting for. It is not just a struggle for territory but for human values, for our collective victory of good over evil,” commented Yulia Matyash, the project’s founder.

Recall that last week our team introduced the virtual museum “War Up Close” for the first time in Australia.