“War Up Close” press conference at the National press club in Washington

On December 11, the “War Up Close” team, consisting of Yulia Matiash, Oleksiy Syvak, and Winnie Huang – the organizer and coordinator of our American tour – spoke at a press conference organized by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation at the National Press Club in Washington.

“World leaders and people who went to Ukraine to visit places like Bucha and others have come back with a deeper understanding of what war really looks like. Most of us don’t have that opportunity, but the “War Up Close” exhibition, thanks to modern technology, allows virtually strolling through various Ukrainian cities that are now destroyed by Russians”, commented the President of the US-Ukraine Foundation, Nadia McConnell, during the opening of the press conference.

Yulia Matiash shared her emotional experience of living under occupation in Kyiv, talked about the history of creating the “War Up Close” project, and invited guests to use cardboard and Oculus to safely feel what Ukrainians are going through.

“We have held immersive exhibitions in 10 countries already, and at each event, visitors show empathy and interest in what is really happening in Ukraine. They are ready to react, to do something to change the situation. And I believe it is possible because we share common values: freedom, democracy, and human life. And, of course, we greatly need this unity and global support”, added Oleksiy Syvak.

Nadia McConnell called the “War Up Close” exhibition one of the most powerful tools to show the true military reality in Ukraine. After all, there is nothing as effective as seeing everything visually.

You can watch the recording of the conference here.

The “War Up Close” tour has been ongoing for a week in American cities. During this time, we have held exhibitions in Washington, Virginia, and Monterey.