“War Up Close” concludes the tour in America with a VR exhibition in Austin

On December 19th, the “War Up Close” team held the final presentation of the virtual war museum in the capital of Texas – the city of Austin. The city boasts a powerful and active Ukrainian community that frequently participates in demonstrations supporting Ukraine at the local Capitol.

At the exhibition, we engaged with the Ukrainians of Austin in conversations about our shared struggle, the importance of preserving the past, and the contribution we make to building a collective future. We discussed the significance of Ukraine in terms of security and politics, highlighting the Ukrainian spirit, which increasingly serves as an example to follow.

“I was struck by the openness of one of the exhibition visitors, a representative of Native American tribes, who admitted knowing little about his people, their culture, and life. However, seeing how Ukrainians fight to preserve their identity, he expressed a desire to learn more about his roots”, shared Oleksiy Syvak, a representative of the “War Up Close” project.

With the event in Austin, we concluded our two-week tour of American cities. Having visited exhibitions in Washington, Arlington, Monterey, Houston, Virginia, Fredericksburg, we see a demand for such events and this format of communication with local communities. Therefore, we are already preparing for a new wave of significant events from the “War Up Close” virtual museum team in 2024.